It’s a very famous District in Egypt, it is located in El Gamalia area (the center of the Fatimid Cairo), bordered by El Gamalia Street that embraces El Azhar mosque, that separated between El Ghorya and tomb of Al Hussein and Khan El Khalili, it was called once (Al Sharabshen). Its name derived from the name of the last Sultan in the Mamaliks Period (1250-1517 AC), he was called (Abu El Nasr Konswa El Ghory Al Sharkasy), and on this period the architect reached its peak on the ornamentations, Grandiloquence and luxury before it decline gradually starting from the mid 18th century.

Actually from the life irony that this great Sultan who made all this progress in the architect built for himself a large and magnificent tomb didn't bury in it because he was killed in a battle called (Marg Dabk) 1517 AC, after leading the Arab armies against the Turkish Sultan Mourad I so they couldn't identify his body from the other dead bodies that scattered throughout the battle field.

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