Photos of church of St. Mary and church of St. Mercurius Abu-Seifein and church of St. George and the Monastery of St. Mary in Haret Zweelah, Cairo, Egypt
Church of the Virgin Mary in Haret Zweelah is the oldest building in Cairo, It was probably built by Hakim Zilun in year 352 AD, after he make sure that there is a well where, according to tradition, the water was blessed by Christ during the journey of the holy family in Egypt, in addition to the rest in which the Holy family rested.
There is the church columns and crowns of different eras from the beginning of the Pharaonic era to the Islamic age.
There are also 150 ancient icon in the church and monasteries surrounding, the most notably is the "wonderworking Icon" of the Virgin Mary carrying Jesus Christ on the tree of life and planted on the body of a person who is said to be a symbol of Jesse, the father of David the prophet, and there are 16 prophets of the Old Testament prophets who prophesied the coming of Christ.

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